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Halate sur Mer – Pure exclusive luxury

halat_sur_merHalate sur Mer is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, or ‘old money’ as some would say. This place seethes with taste and is imbued in its stones with the history of Lebanon’s great who live or have lived there. This resort is not one for the mere anybody. You would be hard put to find it were you not taken there as it is not fully listed anywhere, has no marketing tool such as a website and it is nigh on impossible to get past the fierce security unless you are a Member or the guest of one. Hosting a local University’s annual triathlon, Halate has the full quota of all the facilities that a quietly long-established resort should have, the myriad restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilites, gyms, big event facilities and so on. Add to that a full Marina and a labyrinthine layout that is so cleverly conscious of privacy and you have a small idea of what Halate is all about. There is a wide variety of chalet styles, from the luxury apartment to the full-on homes, some with integral garages and private sandy bays. Having said that, there is not much about it that is pretentious. This is the sort of place people aspire to, it is a lifestyle and a statement rather than merely a holiday destination.
Entertainment facilites and restaurants
Sandy beaches
Several swimming pools, including full size Olympic
Restaurants and bars
Tel: + 961 9 94 70 00 – 91 22 22

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