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AmsheetAmsheet is a delightful coastal spot just a mile or two north of Byblos. It is famed for its woven baskets and mats alongside its beautiful citrus fruit and olive groves, but it also offers the discerning traveller a great coastal holiday destination.


Amsheet is not the biggest resort town in Lebanon, but it is close enough to the popular Byblos area to benefit from everything that is just ‘down the road’. At the same time, Amsheet offers pleasant sandy beaches, good swimming waters and the only dedicated coastal campsite, the Camping Des Colombes’, which has been in existence since 1950! As such, the beaches provide excellent bathing facilities, and you will also find a huge array of well thought of restaurants littering the coastline in this lovely region.


It’s fair to say that Amsheet does not have a huge amount to offer the winter traveller. Being close by to Byblos, it could be a rather pleasant retreat for the traveller looking for a quiet spot in the winter time away from Byblos, but many restaurants along the coast close down at this time of year. There are numerous landmarks to explore away from the summer sun, including the home of Ernest Renan, the French Philosopher who resided in this town back in the 19th century, along with his sister’s temple, found in the St Marie Church in the Zakhia family cemetery.


Amsheet can be a great place to visit as a family. It doesn’t have the hustle and bustle of other resort towns, which can be a distinct advantage for families looking for a peaceful place to stay by the sea. This is not to say that nothing goes on in Amsheet – far from it. There is a pleasant atmosphere throughout the summer months and the fantastic restaurants that you find along the seafront very much come alive, offering at times live music from traditional bands and some great seafood.

Singles and Couples

Amsheet could be looked upon as a great location for couples depending on what sort of holiday they are looking for. There is enough going on to keep most couples satisfied, with the obvious pleasant beaches available by day and the splendid range of restaurants by night, but for the more adventurous couple, it is always going to be a case of heading off into Byblos in the search for action and adventure. The same can be said of singles. If you’re after a real party atmosphere, then Amsheet isn’t going to be for you, but thanks to the close proximity of a more lively resort, it may just be that a group of single people will enjoy the slightly more laid back feel and be happy to head into Byblos when they are looking for something a bit more hedonistic!

Amsheet is not for everyone, but if you’re looking for delightful beaches, a slightly more laid back and quiet holiday, and great food and drinks, then Amsheet could tick all the right boxes.

Eddé Sands Beach Resort and Wellness Centre

eddesandsOpen to the public, Eddé Sands is a veritable feast for the guest in every way. Built this century and encompassing acres of prime seaside real estate just outside historic Byblos, it has more to offer than you will have time to discover in any one visit. The layout of the Sands is spectacularly gorgeous as well as being very intelligent and instinctively comforting. It is secluded and arranged in such a way that you never realise how vast the resort is. One example of its excellence is in the series of pools cascading one from the other with lily pad ponds accentuating the separations down towards the sea. Another is a pool ensconced in semi privacy and surrounded with chaises longues upholstered in cream fabric and smothered in cushions. This is Lebanese style, service and accommodation at its very best. Eddé Sands caters for just about all conceivable needs at the top end of the market and yet is affordable as an occasional treat, just don’t get caught out needing a swimsuit. The boutique caters firmly for the designer end of the market only and the prices can be pretty scary to the uninitiated. The restaurants range from café diner style to the fantastically outstanding. You could just go for lunch, go for the day, or go for the weekend and lose yourself in well-deserved luxury. You could conduct your business meetings and seminars here, host your wedding, attend a concert, have Ayurveda practised on you… You are guaranteed a memorable experience whatever you choose.

Hotel, Wellness and Convention Centers
Sandy beach, five adult and two children’s swimming pools
Hotel Boutique and equipment shop
Six restaurants and four bars

Tel : + 961 3 99 76 88
Fax: + 961 9 54 59 55

Halate sur Mer – Pure exclusive luxury

halat_sur_merHalate sur Mer is the epitome of luxury and exclusivity, or ‘old money’ as some would say. This place seethes with taste and is imbued in its stones with the history of Lebanon’s great who live or have lived there. This resort is not one for the mere anybody. You would be hard put to find it were you not taken there as it is not fully listed anywhere, has no marketing tool such as a website and it is nigh on impossible to get past the fierce security unless you are a Member or the guest of one. Hosting a local University’s annual triathlon, Halate has the full quota of all the facilities that a quietly long-established resort should have, the myriad restaurants, swimming pools, sports facilites, gyms, big event facilities and so on. Add to that a full Marina and a labyrinthine layout that is so cleverly conscious of privacy and you have a small idea of what Halate is all about. There is a wide variety of chalet styles, from the luxury apartment to the full-on homes, some with integral garages and private sandy bays. Having said that, there is not much about it that is pretentious. This is the sort of place people aspire to, it is a lifestyle and a statement rather than merely a holiday destination.
Entertainment facilites and restaurants
Sandy beaches
Several swimming pools, including full size Olympic
Restaurants and bars
Tel: + 961 9 94 70 00 – 91 22 22

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